Versatile Sensor Network

ISTI offers a versatile, scalable and easy to use distributed sensor network solution for high fidelity data acquisition and development platform, allowing users/developers to test their signal processing and data fusion algorithms. The system supports multiple sensing types including acoustic, seismic and IR/scanning laser. Among the key capabilities of ISTI’s versatile sensor network are: (a) sensor-level hardware/software to provide configurable sampling and synchronization, on-board processing and storage for low to intermediate-level signal processing and data acquisition; (b) network-level solutions that account for network connectivity and sensor-network health monitoring and support various routing strategies; and (c) system-level console that allows users to select and upload application tasks. Users can choose several modes of operation to examine various factors such as reliability, bandwidth, and data timeliness.

System Features

Node-level utilities allow users to activate sensor-level signal processing, monitor node health and power usage, enable collaboration and coordination among different clusters, test different synchronization schemes, and run multiple algorithms for benchmarking.

Network-level utilities facilitate network health and connectivity monitoring, define actual and virtual network topologies, activate and test different message routing, enable collaborative signal processing and allow for sensor self-localization.

System-level utilities allow users to test data acquisition strategies, such as bandwidth utilization versus real-time data acquisition, monitor the entire network and nodes, test various data synchronization and message routing, configure sensor networks depending on applications, and activate and evaluate different signal processing and data fusion algorithms.

The system can support many different sensing types including but not limited to acoustic, seismic, IR/scanning laser for a wide variety of potential applications.