Security and Traffic Monitoring System

ISTI’s versatile sensor nodes can support multiple sensing types including acoustic, seismic, visible/IR, and scanning laser. Several eye-safe scanning lasers form a distributed wireless sensor network and can continuously and accurately track as well as monitor ground vehicles and personnel in a surveillance area. This system provides super-fine angular and range resolution to precisely locate moving targets. Among other key benefits are: day/night operational capability, continuous monitoring and surveillance without blind spots, 360 degrees field-of-view, large coverage area, multiple closely spaced target tracking, threat classification, and automatic alarm generation. The system can be used in applications such as traffic monitoring, intrusion detection, border control, airport runway collision and incursion avoidance, and perimeter security.

System Features

The system consists of a distributed network of scanning lasers where each node sends compressed information wirelessly to a base station for coordinated tracking and monitoring. The system console displays formed tracks and provides real-time remote monitoring.

Multiple eye-safe scanning laser systems integrated with ISTI’s distributed sensor nodes provide a 360 degrees field-of-view for reliable intrusion detection and perimeter security. The system can detect and track moving objects at distances up to 300m.

The proprietary algorithm for sensor-level background removal, feature extraction, and data compression allows for real-time reconstruction, data fusion, and display of the target tracks.

The system continuously monitors patterns of movement of detected targets (individuals or vehicles) and automatically alerts operators depending on the likelihood of threat as assessed by the system console.