Information System Technologies Inc. (ISTI) research has resulted in the creation of system solutions for problems faced by the department of defense and industry.

Indoor Gunshot Detection System

ISTI offers a new detection system to the facility security and safety industry to quickly neutralize an active shooter and more quickly secure and protect occupants. View here.

Gunshot Localization System

A novel transient (gunshot or any other transient event) detection and localization system that uses low-cost distributed sensor network nodes. These are soldier portable or vehicle-mounted and typically consist of sensor nodes with powerful local processing capabilities. View here.

Security and Traffic Monitoring System

A distributed network of eye-safe scanning lasers for confusion-free day/night surveillance, intrusion detection, border control, traffic monitoring, and perimeter security. View here.

Vehicle Tracking System

ISTI’s distributed sensor network technologies overcome the challenges associated with real-time tracking and localization of ground and airborne vehicles using low-cost wireless sensor nodes. View here.

Sensor Network Development Platform

ISTI has developed a versatile, scalable, and reliable distributed sensor network system for data acquisition and development platforms using multiple sensor types. View here.

Adaptive Target Recognition System

An adaptive target detection and classification system for sonar imagery that learns in-situ from expert operator feedback, as well as from new data samples with corresponding class labels. System offers high accuracy and flexibility in making decisions in new environmental and operating conditions. View here.