ISTI’s research teams have developed novel solutions using distributed sensors for surveillance, situational awareness, homeland security and border monitoring. These solutions have led to the filing of US patents.

Feature Extraction & Data Compression System & Method for Distributed Sensor Networks

Patent Number: 8,478,319

Abstract: A distributed sensor network has a base station and clusters of sensor nodes. In a method of locating and classifying signal sources, at each node divides a received signal into blocks, performs Fourier-based transform on the blocks, selects peaks from the transformed blocks, selects subbands with features of interest based on the frequency of occurrence of the peaks across the blocks, collaborates with other nodes in the cluster to make a final selection of the subbands, encodes the subband features of the signal, and transmits the subband features to the base station. The base station processes the received subband features to locate and classify the signal sources.

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Gunshot locating system and method

Patent Number: 8,817,577

Abstract: A system for determining the origin and trajectory of a gunshot includes spaced sensor nodes and a base station. A method for determining the origin and trajectory of a gunshot includes the steps of, at the nodes, sensing acoustic signals, converting the acoustic signals into digital signals, separating the digital signals into segments, calculating a time of arrival of each segment, and extracting features from each segment, and then at the base station identifying each time of arrival as a main shock wave or a main muzzle blast time of arrival from the features, and computing the trajectory from the main shock wave times of arrival. The computed trajectory includes velocity and acceleration. The method also includes computing, at the base station, the origin from the main muzzle blast times of arrival.

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