ISTI’s technologies and intellectual property have evolved over the past nine years of research and development. ISTI’s theoretical and experimental research efforts have led to the development and transitioning of a suite of hardware and software solutions for smart distributed sensor networks for a multitude of high impact applications. The work has led to two patents that are pending and the identification of potential markets for the commercialized products. ISTI’s partners have had a significant impact in the success of the research as well as in technology transition.


US Army ARDEC-Picatinny Arsenal is evaluating ISTI’s distributed acoustic and seismic sensor networks for a wide variety of Army applications.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC)-Panama City provided the sonar imagery data and is in process of evaluating ISTI’s adaptive underwater target detection and classification algorithms on Navy testbed.

The U.S. National Park Service (NPS) and ISTI are jointly designing a next-generation acoustic sensor nodes for noise monitoring and source tracking in national parks.

The National Wildlife Research Center-USDA and ISTI plan to develop algorithms using ISTI sensor nodes for a species-specific animal recognition system.


MDL Laser provided scanning lasers for the developed security system.

HP Corporation has interest in ISTI’s adaptive information retrieval algorithms.


Colorado State University, Vanderbilt University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics have collaborated with ISTI on several joint projects.